FAZ wrote after his impressive run at the “Swatch Skiers Cup” which is a kind of “Riders Cup” for freeskiers: "He is one of those young skiers who are about to revamp the international freeride scene, to give it a new direction.”

This exceptional athlete is Fabio Studer, who comes from Vorarlberg in Austria. “What he brings to the table is the lone climax of a freeride competition at the highest level!” FAZ described him further.

In the 2012-13 season, Fabio Studer started in the Freeride World Tour (FWT) for the first time and brought some fresh air into the FWT as a former slopestyler by showing his tricks from the park and on the terrain. He secured 5th place in the overall ranking in his first year.

After that, the “Skiing Mag” gave him the title “THE MOST COMPLETE SKIER in 2013”.

In addition to the FWT and participation in various international events (Slopestyle and Big Air), Fabio Studer has also been involved in various international film productions and produces his own films.